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It’s instinctive for us to want to help those in our lives that we love. That’s the same for the pets we love. Read below the stories of people who loved their companion animals enough to give them the proper nutrition they needed. Happy, happy, happy “tails!”

At PawMedX, we know you want the very best for your entire family, and so do we. We are committed to ensuring your experience with nutritinal support is outstanding – one that makes a positive impact.

Here are stories of customers who are happy to share their success with PawMedX products. We hope you'll share your milestones, too! – Send your PawMedX stories to: 

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Jumping For Joy

– Hip & Joint Complete / Omega-3 Complete

Our dog, who is 13 years old, was having hip issues for several years. She gave up sleeping with us because she couldn’t jump onto the bed, and she would often refuse to go on walks with us. I started her on the Hip & and Joint, and now she actually jumps on the bed! Now, I’m the one who gets tired on the walks we started taking again. I also give her the Omega-3 oil. Thank you for improving my best friend’s last years.

– S., Georgia






Pet Allergies

– Probiotics Complete

Pets have allergies, too – just like humans. But, most people don't know that probiotics can really help with allergies. They create balance in the gut flora and support the immune system so there isn't all that suffering with the allergies. PawMedX ProbioticsComplete really does the job!

– E., Minnesota




Endurance & Keeping Pace

– Hip & Joint Complete / Omega-3 Complete

My 11-year dog had originally arrived at a shelter 3 years ago, and couldn’t walk because of 2 torn ACLs. I started him on the Hip & Joint, and now he runs everywhere. What a miracle! I give him and our other 13 year old lab the liquid Hip & Joint and the Omega-3 Complete products every day. My neighbor who is a vet tech can’t believe they are that old. Both dogs go on a long walk twice a day, and when we ride bikes, they’ll run a quarter mile before even slowing down.

– W., Minnesota




Quiet the Clicking

– Hip & Joint Complete

Our  little fluffy had clicking in her knees for the longest time. After we started giving her the Hip & Joint product, it’s so quiet now when she walks around.

– S., Nebraska






AKA Field Champion

– Hip & Joint Complete / Probiotics Complete

My dog is an AKC Champion. The Omega 3 product helps his vision and scenting tremendously – very important for a field trial dog. And, the Hip & Joint allows him to train and hunt for hours on end, day after day. Other trainers ask me what I give him... they are so impressed with his performance. Plus, when his bowels get “off," the probiotic is a sure winner.

– W., Minnesota





Hunting and Dog Trials

– Hip & Joint Complete

My 8 year old lab is a sporting dog that runs in trials and hunts a lot. I could tell he was experiencing stiffness after getting up from a rest, and didn’t want to jump into the truck anymore. Plus, he seemed quite tired after running. I started him on the Hip & Joint formula, and I saw significant results. He is such a different dog now. I’m very excited about the Fall season ahead.

– C., Minnesota




Outside Explorer - Stomach Support

Probiotics Complete

Our cat is an outside cat, and she loves it that way... she has so much fun exploring our yard and gardens. But sometimes, she eats something mysterious, and has stomach problems. So, we give her the PawMedX Probiotics Complete, and she's good to go again in a few hours.

– M., Minnesota





Just Like a Puppy Again

– Hip & Joint Complete

Our dog  was struck by a vehicle, and ended up with a broken leg. I added the the Hip and Joint to his daily routine, and after 2 months, he was running as if he was a puppy again.

– W., California






Pet Kennel and Pet Products Store Manager Knows These Products Sell

I have had many customers who love these PawMedx products. They prefer to buy this brand over some of the other products I carry. They really see a difference in their animals. PawMedX knows how to make an excellent supplement for pets!

– T., Minnesota






An Amazing Coat

– PawMedX Omega-3 Complete

Wherever I go, people ask me about my Lab’s shiny coat. I tell them I give her PawMedX Omega-3 product faithfully. Plus, it helps with her not to shed so much. I see other owners getting hairbrushes full of hair everyday, and I hardly get any. I take a fish oil myself, because I know it’s good for my heart and brain – so I know it helps my dog with those benefits, too.

– A., Wisconsin





Joint Comfort + Stomach Support

Hip & Joint Complete / Omega-3 Complete / Probiotics Complete

Our cat gets a dose of Hip & Joint every day. To her it's like a treat on top of her cat food. She is an active outside cat, so I like knowing her joints are getting the nourishment they need. And, the Omega-3s are good for her joints, too. Plus, I really like the probiotics product – 18 billion CFUs is amazing. When she eats something strange, one capsule is all it takes.   

– E., Minnesota




Solo Bentley

Even the Vet is Amazed! – Enjoying a Full and Long Life

– Hip & Joint Complete / Omega-3 Complete

We started Solo Mio and Bentley on Hip & Joint and Omega-3 Fatty Acids well over the age of ten years old, and within a week they were as energetic and mobile as puppies! Solo Mio turned 14 in July; Bentley will be 12 in October. These supplements have extended their lives longer than we imagined, as well as allowed us to rest easy knowing our dogs are not in pain and enjoying every day to the fullest extent. Even the vet is fascinated to see how well they are doing at each check-up! We have PawMedX to thank for keeping our family happy and healthy!  

– K. and A., Minnesota



Walking and Climbing with Comfort

– Hip & Joint Complete

Our 15 year old dog that we adopted experienced years of abuse before we got him. He’s now able to go on walks with us again and can get up steps without discomfort thanks to the Hip & Joint product.

– H., North Dakota






Healthy Years to Come

– Hip & Joint Complete

Our pet is only 5 years old, but we’ve chosen to give her the Hip & Joint, so we can be sure she has a long and healthy life.

– W., North Dakota






robert dogs

Running Strong – Literally!

Hip & Joint Complete + Omega-3 Complete

Maverick is 10.5 yrs old and has taken the PawMedx Hip & Joint and Omega-3 formulas since he was a puppy. He still runs 5 miles every night with me and still goes to North Dakota for week-long pheasant and duck hunting trips. He's the first dog waiting by the door in the morning after 5 full days of field hunting. He's also the first in line to be fed because he likes the products with his food. I love what the PawMedX products do for him. Now, I’m also starting my new pup on the products.  

– R., Minnesota



yel lab

Happy & Attentive

Hip & Joint Complete

Our pet is a rescue dog that was abused by her prior owner. Her leg always seemed to bother her. Now, she can jump in and out of our vehicle easily, tires us out on hikes, and she actually seems to be more attentive. We love the Hip and Joint supplement!

– G., Colorado






Kept Hunting Right 'Til the End

Hip & Joint Complete / Omega-3 Complete

Thanks to PawMedX amazing pet products my family yellow lab lived a healthy 14 years, full of hunting, field competitions, and just being an awesome dog. Even in his oldest years, he was a very healthy dog. Just last hunting season, Hawk retrieved multiple birds in ND and had a fantastic trip. Hawk would wait to eat his meals until we put his Hip & Joint and Omega-3 fish oil on top of his kibbles, then he'd would proceed to eat every last piece and lick the bowl clean. Hawk could go for mile walks as if he were a puppy again thanks to the Hip & Joint. He could also play for hours on end with our new puppy (black lab). We started her on the pet products right from the start when we got her at 6 weeks old. People are constantly complimenting and commenting about her extremely shiny coat, and they're surprised when we tell them she rarely sheds at all. (Very rare for a lab!) The Omega-3s really make a difference in coat condition, and we believe this also plays a role in how smart she is. Starting at 4 months old, she went on her first hunting trip and caught on fast. Hawk was an amazing hunter, and his new puppy side kick is definitely following in his footsteps.

Our wish is that every loving family with a dog at home gets to experience the wellness that PawMedX products can offer. We sure miss Hawk, and we look forward to our lives ahead with puppy – continuing to be healthy and happy:) Thank you PawMedX!

– J., North Dakota


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