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You Have Done Your Research and Concluded that Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs is the Best Type of Treatment

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You have done your research and concluded that liquid glucosamine for dogs is the best type of treatment for your dog’s aging joints. In fact, you even signed up for repeat delivery because not only does it save you money, but this way you won’t run out of it. A real good deal indeed. But now that you have your supply of Hip and Joint Complete, you are thinking you need a few pointers on how best to give it to your dog. We can help.

The best way to administer a liquid supplement is by simply pouring it your dog’s food. Start by giving him just a small amount at first, so he doesn’t suspect anything. After all, you want to keep the suspicion index as low as possible. Also, you don't want to put the entire dose in an entire meal as your dog might not eat the whole meal, therefore not receive the recommended dosage.

If you have to administer the supplement by hand, then you need to use tact. For example, use your very happy voice when calling your dog. This way, he thinks something good is going to happen. Try not to sound worried or concerned, dog’s pick up on this rather well.

When administering the supplement, do it slowly. Give the supplement in small doses and pause between each portion. Be careful not to give your dog more than he can swallow, you don’t want an accident.

After administering the supplement, don’t forget to give your dog a lot of praise. In fact, a treat after would be a good idea as well.