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One Reason to Buy the Best Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs

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We are a nation of couch potatoes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, two out of three adult Americans are overweight, a stunning statistic indeed. What’s just as disheartening is a recent Veterinary study indicated that over half of the dogs treated in clinics were classified as too heavy. With this added weight, there are certain health factors to consider, like joint pain. This occurs in both humans and in our pets, which is one reason to buy the best hip and joint supplements for dogs. Here are a few reasons you and your dog should be workout buddies.

Everybody knows that any dog literally jumps at the chance to go for a walk. A brisk walk will burn around 100 calories per mile. And as you are burning those calories, your dog is as well, and benefiting from it too. Weight loss for people and dogs is about 60 percent diet and forty percent exercise, so grab Rex and take a healthy walk.

Dogs, as well as people, are social creatures and like to mingle with others. This is a difficult task if your dog is stuck indoors or in a fenced yard all day. The social benefits of walking your dog cannot be underestimated. Your dog gets to see other dogs, people and catch up on all the new smells in the neighborhood. Plus, it is good for the joints.

There is something deeply rewarding about spending quality time with your dog. In fact, it makes you both very happy. So get motivated and start walking with your dog, it will benefit you both.