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How Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs Can Make Your Life Easier

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Some dogs don't mind taking a daily pill; others might fight you every step of the way. Some dogs just cannot be tricked with treats, and no matter how long you hold their mouth shut they will not swallow the pill. It is more than just frustrating, it could be putting their health in danger. Our liquid glucosamine product is the solution to stop fighting with your dog about taking their pill and making sure they're getting all the benefits of the product they need. 

Our liquid glucosamine can make your life much easier! Here's how: 

  • No more stress. When your dog isn't taking his pill or if he's spitting it out half chewed, you know he isn't getting the full effects of the pill. Liquid glucosamine is more efficiently absorbed and you'll know that he is getting the proper dose to help his joints stay healthy. 
  • No more fighting your dog. It's heartbreaking to force your older dog to do something they don't want to do, like take a pill, even when you know it's going to help them. Liquid glucosamine for dogs tastes great and dogs will happily lap it up!
  • No more worry. Dogs who experience joint pain often experience heart problems as well as other health problems later in life. Giving them the glucosamine they need in order to stay healthy and happy longer will make your life happier, too. 

Our Hip and Joint Liquid Glucosamine can be used for both your cats and your dogs, so you can treat all of your furry friends with the same bottle. It's what you've been waiting for! We offer free shipping on orders of $39 or more so shop with us today!