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Exercise and the Best Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs are a Great Combination

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Even if your dog suffers from hip and joint issues, it is very important you still ensure he gets enough exercise. In our last post, we discussed how it is beneficial for your dog to go for walks and get other exercise even if suffering from arthritis. Exercise and the best hip and joint supplement for dogs are a great combination to help your dog feel better. You might consider taking your dog to a dog park as part of his exercise regime, this is a good idea as he can be active and enjoy socializing at the same time. But if you take your dog to the dog park, you need to follow certain etiquette.

Your dog needs to know you are the alpha animal at all times. This means your dog should come when called. And when he does what you ask, don’t forget to reward him with a treat.

Well-designed dog parks have a double entrance with two gates, but don’t just rush right by both of them. Enter the first gate with your dog leashed, take a look around to ensure 12 dogs aren’t swarming the gates, then proceed to enter the second gate. This pause also lets other dogs get used to yours before you enter.

Once you and your dog are in the park, it is important you pay close attention to your dog. Conversing with others is fine, but make sure your dog is behaving properly at all times.

Following these rules will ensure a positive experience. Have fun!